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Roller Coaster CAD, Render

Design and

Credible Parts, Incredibly Fast

3D-printed Mold of mountian bike grip

SLA and FDM Printing

We leverage the full versatility of our 3D printers to create parts that truly exceed expectations. Be it 10-micron layer lines or translucent filaments with SLA, to dual extrusion, flexibles, or inset geometry in FDM, if you can dream it, we can make it.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

For memorabilia, our CO2 Laser with an optional rotary attachment can get the job done. Engrave your logos or photos onto glass, wood, or metal. Coming soon, you can find our pre-made designs in the shop tab.

Urethane Molding

Mold low-volume parts without breaking the bank. By working with us and developing designs using SLA-printed molds, we help you to iterate faster and cheaper.

3D-printed gearbox assembly

 What we can 
.do for you 

Be it specific deliverables for a single step in your design process, or fleshing out a loose idea into a concrete product, Impulse3d has your back. Individual deliverables can include:







Initial Sketches

Concept renders

Partial or Full Prototypes

Design Reviews

Manufacturing Readiness Assessment

Part Manufacturing

3D printer head


  • Can I get free shipping if I am on Notre Dame’s Campus?
    Yes! We are students here right now, and can arrange to meet you with our products in-person, to save you shipping fees!
  • What do you charge for custom work?
    It depends! Reach out to us for a quote, we would love to hear about your project!
  • Can students work with you for smaller projects and orders?
    Yes! Our fast turnaround times allow you to do more iterations for projects, or make a personalized gift for a friend's imminent birthday!
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