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– This wall art print is frame-ready and depicts two cats watching the sunset together!

– Your selected "width" signifies the edge length of the square print you receive, do not worry about the height set to 0

– In Hue Forge-powered Filament painting, model geometry and color choices are optimized to allow light to transmit subtly between layers, creating a broad spectrum of vibrant and blendable resultant colors!

– This is truly cutting edge software, and we have finely tuned our machines and custom scripts to make a repeatable process that produces amazing results, so be the first of your friends to embrace these amazing visuals!

– Feel the texture of your images and watch as the vibrant stylization allows your logos, designs, and pictures to pop like never before!

– Great for window fixtures, wall art, phone cases, maps, tabletops, cutting boards, coasters, or any place you want to inspire others with rich and stunning visualization!


Leaning Romantic Cats - Textured Wall Art

  • – Unless epoxy coated and specifically stated otherwise in that product’s description, 2.5D prints, just like other 3D prints, are not dishwasher safe 
    – Do not eat.
    – Satisfaction and Breakage Guarantee – We take extreme care in packing each print to ensure they arrive safe and sound at your doorstep!
    – Depending on the complexity of the print, the "ship by date" might be revised post-purchase.
    – The multicolor 3D printing process used is innovative and experimental. Although any image can be transformed into a 3D print, the outcome varies from image to image. Colors may differ slightly from the original photos. We do not accept returns or refunds for made-to-order items.
    – We use PLA plastic, a corn-based, biodegradable, and non-toxic material, for our prints. It's recommended to store them at room temperature, away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading. 


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